December 2018 Monthly Wrap Up

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December 2018
It is hard to believe that we are already in January.  Where does the time go?  December was busy at times and mostly nice.  It was cold as you would expect it to be in St. Louis at this time of year but there were a few days that felt almost fall-like.  There were school performances and family get-togethers for the holiday.  My highlight of the month was the 4 1/2 day break that I had from work for the Christmas holiday.  It was wonderful to be able to stay home with my dogs and a good book for an extended period of time.

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Reviews Posted 
(not necessarily read in December)

Reading Stats
Books Read: 13 total
Audiobooks: 6
Digital Books: 5
Print Books: 2
Re-Reads: 1
Book Source for Books Read in December
NetGalley: 7
Edelweiss: 2
Kindle Unlimited/Prime Reading: 1
Direct from Publisher/Author/Publicist: 3
Library: 2
Purchased/Freebie: 2
*some books may fit into more than one category

Goodreads: 187/100
Blogger Shame: 5 read towards the challenge in December / 23 total for the year

End of the Month NetGalley Stats
Feedback Ratio: 81%
524 Approved | 426 Feedback Sent

End of the Month Edelweiss Stats
11 books to review  | 81 downloaded

Favorite of the Month

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How was your month? Do you have any reading or blogging goals for January?

36 responses to “December 2018 Monthly Wrap Up

  1. I don't think I have had 4.5 days in a row off from work since I stopped teaching. Nice. I see you will be reading the new Shalvis. I am jealous. I am falling behind on the series, because my library is not getting them fast enough. I hope it's good.

    • Well, I did include my weekend as part of those days but it was just nice to have a longer stretch of time without a lot of responsibilities. Can you request that your library purchase the Shalvis books? That might speed them up!

  2. I love your variety of December books! Glad to see a Jeff Abbott in the mix. His books are fun.

    I'm not a book blogger, so I don't have and book-blogging goals, but I have a reading goal. My January reading goal is 3 horror novels (I'm reading White Death by Christine Morgan right now), and one non-fiction. I am totally clueless as to what non-fiction to read. Perhaps something will fall in my lap!

  3. Glad you had a nice break! I'm so excited for Watcher in the Woods- I've become a big fan of that series!

  4. Yes, the days off sound wonderful. I am spoiled in that I get many days consecutively, but I know my husband barely knows what to do with himself when he gets more than two days off in a row and he's not sick. šŸ™‚
    Nice stack of books you were able to shift off the review and personal pile. I enjoyed getting your reviews and put two of those on my wish list. šŸ™‚

    Have a great January, Carole!

  5. Its always good to have a nice break but I can't believe that we are into January either. We have been getting a ton of snow lately, and I am loving it. Hope you read some great books this year.

  6. Oh some great books. I'm listening to Winter of the Witch and hope to start Watcher in the Woods soon. I still hope to get the Jill Shalvis but also on audio. I enjoyed The Three Beths and Inseverable and Nightchaser. I'm glad for your time off. Anne – Books of My Heart

    • It is so hard to move that NetGalley percentage up after you reach a certain number of books. I have to read something like 6 books without adding any to move up a percentage point. I really want to move above 90% before the end of 2019!

  7. I had a couple of long weekends because of the way the holidays fell this past year, which was nice. It made up for my not being able to take any vacation time. It sounds like you had a busy but really nice December,and got lots of good reading in! Have a great January, Carole!