Weekly Wrap Up #272

Posted August 15, 2021 by Carole in Stacking the Shelves / 12 Comments

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My Life

I don’t even know what to say. I had high expectations for the week but things fell apart quickly. My workplace is moving in about 2 weeks so the workweek has been very busy since I am trying to do my job and find the time to go through things and decide what can be tossed before the move. I am not happy about the move since it is going to be a much longer commute. I will give it a go but I might be looking for a new job soon.

I don’t really mention it often on the blog but I have thyroid problems. It’s not usually a big deal but when things get out of whack, I can feel really bad. Sunday and Monday were rough days for me. I kept crawling back to bed on Sunday and felt like I was about to fall asleep at my desk on Monday. I had intended to post a review on Tuesday but just didn’t feel up to it. I had hoped to get around to some blogs on Wednesday night but our internet wasn’t working properly. After it took about 2 hours to get my Books for the Backlog post ready to go I was done with the computer for the rest of the night.

On Thursday night, my daughter and I went to another book fair. It was opening night and we decided to pay the $10 cover fee since the rest of our week would be busy. While we were at the fair, a terrible storm came through the area and the power went out. We pulled out our phones and shopped in the dark using the flashlights on our phones. They eventually made everyone get ready to go when it became obvious that power would not be restored quickly. I paid cash for as many books as I could and they put the rest in a box for us to pick up later. I was soaked by the time I got to the car but my daughter stayed in the building to keep the books dry so all was well. There are no photos of this book hauls since I started putting everything on the shelves before I thought to take one.

My youngest daughter turned 21 yesterday which is somewhat hard to believe. We went with family to Dave & Buster’s then hit the local casino. As I write this, she is meeting some friends to celebrate. She moves back to college on Friday so I am glad that we were able to celebrate together before she left.

I am going to do my best to post and be active next week but I also plan to enjoy the last few days that I will have my daughter home. Please be patient with me for just a little bit longer!

What I’m Reading

I finished two books this week. I finished reading The Book of Accidents by Chuck Wendig on Monday and really enjoyed it. I had planned to listen to something other than White Night by Jim Butcher but I was hooked as soon as I hit play on this audiobook. It is so nice to revisit a favorite series like The Dresden Files.

I am about a third of the way through Feral Creatures by Kira Jane Buxton and I am loving it so far! I have just barely started The Introvert’s Guide to Online Dating by Emma Hart but am hopeful that it will be a fun listen.

Books Added

This is the haul from last week’s book fair when I actually remembered to take a photo!

The Introvert’s Guide to Online Dating by Emma Hart (NetGalley)

Favorite Instagram Post of the Week

What books do you add to your shelves this week? 

12 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up #272

  1. oh no…I am so sorry to hear that this week was rough for you. I hope the upcoming week is a much better one for you Carole. I hope that Emma Hart listen is a lively one, I have heard her books are wonderful.

  2. Sorry to hear your job is moving. I wish you luck in a new search if that’s the route you decide to take. we should try finding a new job together at the same place! Lol! Glad you were able to find some new reads at the fair. I honestly struggled. The place was soooo packed. The aisles were narrow, people tried to bring their carts down and it was just nuts. Boxes were filled under the tables…it seriously gave me some anxiety trying to look through the mess and that was on top of the crowd! I hope next year they can go back to the old location, that place seemed bigger and allowed for more room.

    Nice new reads though! Glad you were able to find so many and able to get them all due to that storm! I didn’t realize how bad it was Thursday night. We had the typical thunderstorm but nothing super bad, thankfully.

    Happy Reading!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  3. Good luck with the move. I hope that all works out ok for you. Commutes are tough. I hope you are feeling better too. You all are hardcore book shoppers.

  4. Ooh, that storm sounds freaky and annoying, too. Glad you were still able to get books.

    My youngest child, a daughter, turned 45 on Friday! And, interestingly, she was actually born on Friday the 13th. So we don’t consider that fact spooky, lol.

    I am curious about The Book of Accidents. Enjoy your week, and here are my WEEKLY UPDATES

  5. I have a thyroid problem too. I have hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. I tend to feel tired and fatigued all the time. I hope a higher dosage of the medicine helps you if that’s something the doc says might help.

    Hopefully this week will be better.

  6. Oh man, Carole, thyroid flare ups are no joke. Hopefully things will get back into balance for you soon and the stress of the job move will settle down. Fun that you got to go to the book fair and celebrate your daughter’s big 21st.
    Great haul of book. Had no idea Rick Riordan wrote adult books. I’ll have to check them out.

    Have a great week, Carole!

  7. yes this week I just felt tired all the time and like I accomplished nothing. It’s not true but it feels that way. I have so many ARCs for the next few weeks, so serious reading time is planned for this week. My daughter starts her classes this week but she chose all online. Yay! I hope the next week you get some time to relax and to read. Nice haul! You know I am doing the Harry Dresden Read-along in 2024 so you can reread them all then? I can’t wait to read them again.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  8. Oh I’m so sorry to hear about the thyroid issues. I don’t have a problem with them but my mother does and it’s amazing how off it makes her feel when things get out of whack. I’m glad you were able to get some rest and I hope you are feeling better. That’s too bad about the book fair. I was worried about the books when you said you were soaked getting back to the car so I laughed when I saw your daughter kept the books dry. I hope this week is calmer though it sounds like work is going to be chaos until the move is over and done with.

  9. I’m sorry to read you’ve had some rough days. Do take care of yourself. We all need a little down time every once in a while right?!
    LOL! That book fair trip sounds very different, but still nice. Not a lot of people can say they visited a book fair in the dark.
    Have a great week and happy reading.

  10. Sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling well last week, Carole. I hope this week is much better.
    I had to laugh about you booking shopping in the dark. Only a true book lover would do that! 🙂