About Me

My name is Carole and as you may have guessed I love to read.  If I have any free time, there is a really good chance that I will have a book in my hand.  I read a little bit of everything and will probably fall in love with any book that makes me feel something or surprises me.  I just love a surprise!  I tend to mostly read anything fiction including YA novels, romance, urban fantasy, mysteries, and whatever else looks good at the moment.

When I am not reading, I enjoy spending time with my family.  I am happily married and have two daughters.  My oldest is working and out on her own while my youngest is in college.  I love to laugh, have fun, and try to keep things light.  I am a homebody and can stay home for weeks at time if my schedule would allow it (too bad I work full time).  I don’t watch a lot of TV but do try to follow a few favorite shows.  But really, who needs a lot of hobbies when you have a gigantic pile of books to read?
Do you have a question or are you just wanting to say hi?  
Email me – carolesrandomlife@gmail.com
I would love to hear from you!