Review – Days Since…: Jenny: Day 986 by Robert Wilson

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Days Since…: Jenny: Day 986 by Robert Wilson
Series: Almawt Virus Series #3
Publisher: Power Shift Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: February 28, 2020
Date Read: May 16, 2020
Length: 209 pages
Source: Author

What if someone robbed you of your fate? What if you had the chance to steal it back?

Jenny’s life shattered within the grip of the Second Alliance.

She had no choice but to flee the occupation of River’s Edge.

After the escape, Jenny and her friends find refuge with another community—one just outside the influence of the Second Alliance. With a fresh start, she finally discovers her purpose in the world after the apocalypse.

But not everything is as it seems.

Unknown to Jenny, dark promises have been made that threaten her freedom.

Will she uncover the plot in time to save herself? To save her friends?

Or will she meet the same fate as others before her?

This dystopian, post-apocalyptic thriller is the third book in Robert Wilson’s Days Since… Almawt Virus series. Look for the fourth installment of the series in late 2020.

My Review

I thought that this was a very good installment in the Almawt Virus series.  This is a shorter read which made it nice to pick up on a lazy Saturday morning.  I found it really easy to slip into this book and ended up enjoying it quite a bit. 

This is the third book in the Almawt Virus series.  All three books are set in the same world which has been forever changed by a virus that has killed the majority of the population.  While the first two books in the series are set in the same world, there wasn’t any other obvious connection.  This book is where things really start to come together.

This book follows Jenny.  We did see Jenny in the second book but she takes the lead in this book.  Jenny, along with Matt and Grant, fled their previous camp because of the Second Alliance.  They are in a new community and Jenny is training with Danny to be a part of the scout team.  She is also learning how to work with Sherman, a retired police dog,  I really liked with the dog added to the team and it was great watching her work with him with Danny’s help.

This story had plenty of excitement and there were a few surprises that I didn’t see coming.  This would be a very harsh world to live and at times it seems that these characters just cannot catch a break.  There were a few situations that I had no idea how they would be able to work things out.  I was really satisfied with how things worked out in this book and felt it did a great job of setting up the next book in the series.

I would recommend this book to fans of apocalyptic fiction.  I thought that this was an exciting installment with great characters.  I definitely plan to read the next installment in this series!

I received a digital review copy of this book from the author/narrator.

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11 responses to “Review – Days Since…: Jenny: Day 986 by Robert Wilson

  1. I may not be up for an apocalyptic read right now, but I'm gonna note this one down because it sure sounds interesting and, I gotta admit the "What if someone robbed you of your fate? What if you had the chance to steal it back?" sells it 😉 Glad you loved this instalment, Carole!

  2. Thanks for the awesome review! I'm glad you are enjoying the series. The next book is currently being written and I'd love to send you an ARC for it. It brings all the characters together in alternating POVs chapter by chapter as the plot unfolds. Hope you stay interested! Thanks again.