Books from the Backlog #199

Posted February 3, 2022 by Carole in Books from the Backlog / 6 Comments

Books from the Backlog is a fun way to feature some of those neglected books sitting on your bookshelf unread.  If you are anything like me, you might be surprised by some of the unread books hiding in your stacks.

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This week’s neglected book

Books from the Backlog #199Slingshot by Mercedes Helnwein
Published by Wednesday Books on April 27, 2021
Genres: Young Adult Fiction / Romance / Contemporary
Pages: 352
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
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"I didn’t think it was going to be anything like this when I finally fell in love. I thought it was going to be pretty simple. Like, I’d love someone and they’d love me. I thought that’s the way it worked.”

Grace Welles is stuck at a third-tier boarding school in the swamps of Florida, where her method of survival is a strict, self-imposed loneliness. And it works. Her crap attitude keeps people away because without friends, there are fewer to lose.

But when she accidentally saves the new kid, Wade Scholfield, from being beaten up, everything about her precariously balanced loner world collapses and, in order to find her footing again, she has no choice but to discover a completely new way to exist.

Because with Wade around, school rules are optional, weird is okay, and conversations about wormholes can lead to make-out sessions that disrupt any logical stream of thought. Nothing’s perfect, but that’s not the point. When they're together everything seems uncomplicated in a way that Grace knows is not possible.

Except it is.

So why does Grace crush Wade’s heart into a million pieces?

Acidly funny and compulsive readable, this debut is a story about two people finding each other and then screwing it all up. See also: soulmate, stupidity, sex, friendship, bad poetry, very bad decisions and all the indignities of being in love for the first time.

Why did I add Slingshot to my bookshelf?

This is another one of those books that I downloaded from NetGalley after getting an email that it would be available for download for a limited time. I always feel like I am under a lot of pressure when I get those emails and have often downloaded books that I would never have requested. I am trying to stop the cycle. Anyway, this is one of only 3 books that was published in 2021 that remain on my shelf and I hope to mark it from my list before February comes to an end.

What are your thoughts? Have you read this book?  Would you recommend it?

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6 responses to “Books from the Backlog #199

  1. I DNFed this book because I was not a fan of the crush in the beginning, but it must get better. I have seen a lot of great reviews.

  2. While we’re confessing, I, too, struggle to refuse those email invitations. 🙂 Hopefully, you’ll be able to knock it out quick. Way to go getting it down to three from last year.

  3. I have a few books on my NetGalley shelf for that exact reason! I hope when you read it you love it! And I hope we both make lots of progress on our NetGalley shelves this year.