Books from the Backlog #22

Posted August 23, 2018 by Carole in Books from the Backlog / 28 Comments

Books from the Backlog is a fun way to feature some of those neglected books sitting on your bookshelf unread.  If you are anything like me, you might be surprised by some of the unread books hiding in your stacks.
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This week’s neglected book

Dust by Joan Frances Turner

Release Date: September 7, 2010
Publisher: Penguin Books – Ace

Nine years ago, Jessie had a family. Now, she has a gang.

Nine years ago, Jessie was a vegetarian. Now, she eats very fresh meat.

Nine years ago, Jessie was in a car crash and died. Nine years ago, Jessie was human.

Now, she’s not.

After she was buried, Jessie awoke and tore through the earth to arise, reborn, as a zombie. Jessie’s gang is the Fly-by-Nights. She loves the ancient, skeletal Florian and his memories of time gone by. She’s in love with Joe, a maggot-infested corpse. They fight, hunt, dance together as one—something humans can never understand. There are dark places humans have learned to avoid, lest they run into the zombie gangs.

But now, Jessie and the Fly-by-Nights have seen new creatures in the woods—things not human and not zombie. A strange new illness has flamed up out of nowhere, causing the undeads to become more alive and the living to exist on the brink of death. As bits and pieces of the truth fall around Jessie, like the flesh off her bones, she’ll have to choose between looking away or staring down the madness—and hanging onto everything she has come to know as life…

Why did I add A Dust to my bookshelf?
I have had this book on my bookshelf since April 2016.  I picked it up at the local Goodwill Outlet store where they charged $0.15 per inch for the book so I might have paid $0.30 for this one.  I doubt that it has ever been read and appears new.  I really didn’t remember why I bought the book when I pulled it off of my shelf as I was browsing for a book to feature for this post.  Now I understand why I brought this book home with me.  Jessie is a zombie that is part of a gang of zombies.  The reviews are pretty mixed on Goodreads but it sounds like it is worth a try at least. 

What are your thoughts? Have you read this book?  Would you recommend it to others?


28 responses to “Books from the Backlog #22

  1. Interesting! I never used to like zombies, but over the last year I've read three or four books with them and now I'm a tentative fan. I'd definitely give this a try. HOpe you like it when you get the chance, Carole.

  2. I have grown to appreciate Zombies from watching The Walking Dead. I don't know why because I admittingly thought they were stupid before and would have never chose to read this book. It looks promising but I'm not familiar with the author:)

  3. I'm not a huge zombie reader but I have read some good zombie books, so I guess it just depends on the book. This one sounds good!

    • It is at the local outlet so they really want to get rid of the books. You just put your books on the counter and they measure them with a ruler. I usually grab a bunch of kids books for my sister since they are so cheap. Very hard to resist!

    • Feel free to join in, Michelle. The outlet store does it that way around here. I think that it is where everything that didn't sell at the other stores goes but you can donate there as well so sometimes you find a bunch of great stuff.