Reviews – The Dead Romantics & Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye

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Reviews – The Dead Romantics & Abby Cooper, Psychic EyeThe Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston
Narrator: Eileen Stevens
Published by Penguin Random House Audio on June 28, 2022
Genres: Fiction / Romance / Romantic Comedy
Length: 10 hours 23 minutes
Pages: 368
Format: Audiobook
Source: Library
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A disillusioned millennial ghostwriter who, quite literally, has some ghosts of her own, has to find her way back home in this sparkling adult debut from national bestselling author Ashley Poston.

Florence Day is the ghostwriter for one of the most prolific romance authors in the industry, and she has a problem—after a terrible breakup, she no longer believes in love. It’s as good as dead.

When her new editor, a too-handsome mountain of a man, won't give her an extension on her book deadline, Florence prepares to kiss her career goodbye. But then she gets a phone call she never wanted to receive, and she must return home for the first time in a decade to help her family bury her beloved father.

For ten years, she's run from the town that never understood her, and even though she misses the sound of a warm Southern night and her eccentric, loving family and their funeral parlor, she can’t bring herself to stay. Even with her father gone, it feels like nothing in this town has changed. And she hates it.

Until she finds a ghost standing at the funeral parlor’s front door, just as broad and infuriatingly handsome as ever, and he’s just as confused about why he’s there as she is.

Romance is most certainly dead . . . but so is her new editor, and his unfinished business will have her second-guessing everything she’s ever known about love stories.

I really liked this book! I liked it so much that I finished it in less than 24 hours once I finally started it because I just couldn’t put it down. As soon as I heard someone describe this book as a romance with a ghost, I knew that I had to read it. I am just sorry that I waited as long as I did to actually give it a try.

Florence was a fantastic character and I felt really bad for her for everything that she had been through. Her ex-boyfriend treated her horribly which has impacted her ability to finish her book and the editor doesn’t want to give her an extension. I loved the fact that she was a ghostwriter that sees ghosts. The story with the ghost was really fantastic. I loved Florence and Ben together. As they spent time together and got to know each other better, it quickly became obvious that they were perfect for each other.

This book had me feeling so many things. I thought that the parts of the book that dealt with grief were extremely well done and some of the most powerful in the book. It was great to see Florence and her family come together to support each other. I think that everything came together so well in this story and I loved seeing the changes that occur in Florence’s life.

I listened to the audiobook and thought that Eileen Stevens did a phenomenal job with this audiobook. I thought that she did a fantastic job of bringing the cast of characters to life. I was totally captivated by this book and felt like her narration added to my enjoyment of this story.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this story to others. I found it to be a really original romance with fantastic characters and a lot of heart. I did figure out some of the plot twists but I really enjoyed the journey. I do hope to read more of this author’s work soon.

Reviews – The Dead Romantics & Abby Cooper, Psychic EyeAbby Cooper, Psychic Eye by Victoria Laurie
Narrator: Elizabeth Michaels
Series: Psychic Eye Mysteries #1
Published by Audible Studios on March 2, 2010
Genres: Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Cozy
Length: 9 hours 28 minutes
Pages: 304
Format: Audiobook
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We predict amazing success for this brand-new mystery series starring Psychic Abby Cooper.

Abby Cooper is a P.I., psychic intuitive. But her insight failed her when she didn't foresee the death of one of her clients - or that the lead investigator for the case is the gorgeous blind date she just met. Now, with the police suspicious of her abilities and a killer on the loose, Abby's future looks more uncertain than ever.

I am so glad that I finally took the time to listen to this audiobook! I liked Abby a lot and I was totally invested in the mystery of the story. I really liked seeing Abby use her gift to help others. I was hooked by this story right away and couldn’t wait to see how things would work out. I found this to be a very entertaining mystery.

Abby works as a psychic and her predictions are eerily accurate. When she shares a few things she has seen with her date, she doesn’t realize that he is a detective. Before she knows it she is in the middle of an investigation. I like the idea of the budding romance with the detective, Dutch, and I thought that the other supporting characters were very well done.

I thought that Elizabeth Michaels did a great job with the narration of this audiobook. I thought that she did a great job of bringing Abby’s character to life. I found her voice to be very pleasant and I had no problem listening to the book for extended periods of time. I do believe that her narration increased my enjoyment of the story.

I would recommend this book to others. I thought that this was a really fun cozy and I really liked the way that Abby’s abilities helped to solve the mystery. I would love to read more of this entertaining story in the future.

20 responses to “Reviews – The Dead Romantics & Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye

  1. Ooooh nice!!! I still want to read The Dead Romantics myself. I think I ignored it when it first came out but when I was at the Megan Bannen signing last year and it was said that it was a ghost romance book I went out & bought it that week! Lol. Still need to read it though. Sigh…glad to hear it was good though!

    And yay!! I love the Psychic Eye series!! I still need to read I think 2-3 books. Not sure if Laurie is done writing this one or not. The last 2 or 3 books I believe were more self published. Then she has a spin-off series that is a combo spin-off of this one and her Ghost Hunter series—another amazing one by the way!! So I hope to read that one once I get caught up with this series as I think it played out that something happens to start off the new series. Glad you enjoyed this one too!!

    Great reviews overall! Excited to read Poston’s at some point!! Hopefully this year! Lol.

    • I do remember that they talked about it at Megan Bannen’s signing. I am glad that I finally gave it a try. I really wish that the library had the audiobooks for the rest of the Psychic Eye series but maybe I can still get to it someday.

  2. I’ve seen so many positive reviews of The Dead Romantics. I can’t imagine listening to an audiobook in 24 hours! Especially one that’s 10+ hours long. Go you! It sounds like this one was emotional without being too bogged down with it.

    • I sped it up so it didn’t take me 10 hours to finish it. I can listen to audiobooks at work so it isn’t all that uncommon for me to finish a book in a single day.

  3. I loved Dead Romantics. Florence’s family was a standout part of the book for me too, and “that” part of the story had me all sorts of emotional

    • I thought that the author did a great job with the story overall. I didn’t get too emotional but I have a heart of ice 🙂

  4. The best books are the ones that you can’t put down! I just love that this book was such an quick and unputdownable read for you! Having an original romance is a plus.

    Great reviews!

  5. I thought Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye was a very fun book. And I’ve got Dead Romantics on my TBR list. 😀

  6. Is the romance in Dead Romantics with a ghost? I wonder how that could work out long term. Nice to see you enjoyed it.

    Psychic Eye sounds like a fun mystery. I’ll keep both books in mind!