Review – Small Favor by Jim Butcher

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Review – Small Favor by Jim ButcherSmall Favor by Jim Butcher
Narrator: James Marsters
Series: The Dresden Files #10
Published by Penguin Audio on January 14, 2009
Genres: Fiction / Fantasy / Urban
Length: 13 hours 49 minutes
Format: Audiobook
Source: Purchased
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The new novel in the New York Times bestselling Dresden Files series.

No one's tried to kill Harry Dresden for almost an entire year, and his life finally seems to be calming down. For once, the future looks fairly bright. But the past casts one hell of a long shadow.

An old bargain has placed Harry in debt to Mab, monarch of the Winter Court of the Sidhe, the Queen of Air and Darkness-and she's calling in her marker. It's a small favor he can't that will trap Harry Dresden between a nightmarish foe and an equally deadly ally, and one that will strain his skills- and loyalties-to their very limits.

It figures. Everything was going too well to last...

I had a great time with this audiobook! This is such a fantastic series. I love Harry and most of the other regularly appearing characters in this series. As I have come to expect with this series, this book was exciting, entertaining, funny, and even thoughtful. The audio is superb and really takes everything to the next level. If you have not tried this series yet, I highly suggest you pick up the first book and give it a read.

Harry owes Queen Mab a favor and she is calling it in. She needs him to find and rescue John Marcone. To make things more interesting the Billy Goats Gruff are out to get Harry. Throw in some excitement from the Denarians with their evil coins, the Knights of the Cross, and the Archive, and things get exciting really quick. There was a lot of action in this book and quite a few threads to keep track of but it all came together in the end.

James Marsters does an amazing job in bringing this series to life. I love all of the voices that he uses for the various characters. I almost felt like I was right there with Harry anytime I picked up my headphones to listen. He adds a lot of emotion and excitement to the story and he helps to make Harry’s sense of humor shine. I believe that his narration added to my enjoyment of this story.

I do highly recommend this book. This is a series that just gets better and better as you work your way through the series. This was my second time reading this book, the first time with the audiobook, and I enjoyed it just as much the second time around. I cannot wait to pick up the next book in the series!

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    I have several blog friends who love this series too, I haven’t tried it but it’s on my list