Weekly Wrap Up #322

Posted August 7, 2022 by Carole in Stacking the Shelves / 9 Comments

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I am really excited to participate in The Sunday Post hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer and Stacking the Shelves hosted by Reading Reality.

My Life

This was a good week. We are hosting my daughter’s bridal shower today so I have been a bit distracted this week trying to figure out how much food we need and trying to get everything in order for the event. I think we should have somewhere around 15 people here for the shower and I hope it goes well. It is hard to believe that this wedding is going to happen late next month!

Work was weird this week. I work for a very small company that only has a total of 5 employees. A big project in Iowa took everyone out of town for much of the week. I was completely alone in the office on Wednesday and Thursday which I actually kind of like but it is kind of strange.

I know that I have been horrible with blog hopping lately and I hope to do better next week. Thanks so much for hanging in there with me!

How was your week?

What I’m Reading

I finished 3 books this week. I decided to listen to The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow which was just okay for me but I am glad to finish another older NetGalley book. I finished reading The Valkyrie’s Daughter by Tiana Warner mid-week and found it to be a pretty exciting YA fantasy. I then moved on to Upgrade by Blake Crouch which proved to be quite entertaining.

I am two-thirds of the way through Love in the Time of Serial Killers by Alicia Thompson and am really enjoying it. I am just a couple of hours into Kiss of Frost by Jennifer Estep but am eager to work my way through this series before the end of the year.

Books Added

Dark Room Etiquette by Robin Roe (Publisher); Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid (Publisher)

Favorite Instagram Post of the Week

What books do you add to your shelves this week? 

9 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up #322

  1. I hope the shower goes well and is tons of fun. Five people is really small. I work for gigantic international company. Though, because I was “first wave” back to office, it did feel very intimate for a while there. I loved Serial Killers. That third act break-up annoyed me (they all do), but it was good. The serial killer stuff was an interesting bonus to the story.

  2. I hope the shower went well, Carole. I imagine it feels like the wedding is coming at you like a speeding train. Alone in the office sounds heavenly. My company has about 400 employees but I’m a bit separated since I work for the Board – there are the three Board members and me. So when they are out I’m usually alone all day since few people have reason to come into the executive suite. I love those quiet days! Hooray for getting the new one by TJR. I’m so excited for that one later this month.

  3. Good luck with the shower today! Hope everything goes well! I’ve been left in the office by myself a time or two in the past. It is definitely weird. And a little lonely, because at those times I never really had much to do. I can’t say I really miss it working from home now!

    Nice new reads! Those are new to me ones but I hope you enjoy them all!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  4. We are gearing up for my brother’s wedding at the end of the year, so I can totally relate to the fun and stress of that. I tested positive for COVID last weekend, so I’ve been isolated at home all week. As if being sick wasn’t enough, my AC went out yesterday morning, so I had to try to deal with getting it repaired while also not letting a repair person into my house. It was quite the ordeal! Thankfully everything is resolved now. I’m feeling much better and the house is a whole lot cooler haha. I hope to be a bit more productive in my second week of quarantine.

  5. I bet the shower will be lots of fun but no wonder you’re distracted! Wedding stuff can take over so easily but it’s fun! Have a great week.

  6. Oh wow, by yourself? I hope that wasn’t too much stress on you. Blog hopping can be so easy to get behind on. I hope the bridal shower goes well for you.