Weekly Wrap Up #351

Posted February 26, 2023 by Carole in Stacking the Shelves / 10 Comments

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I am really excited to participate in The Sunday Post hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer and Stacking the Shelves hosted by Reading Reality.

My Life

This was a pretty normal week. President’s Day on Monday was incredibly slow at work so we ended up leaving at lunchtime. My daughter and I spent the afternoon working on a puzzle and listening to audiobooks which was much better than sitting at a computer. I was alone at the office on Tuesday and Wednesday. I would rather not go into the office at all but being there alone is the next best option. I had a regular doctor’s appointment on Thursday so I mentioned my shoulder pain. I ended up getting an x-ray which was normal (exactly what I expected). I have some anti-inflammatory medication to take to see if it can offer some relief.

I tried something new last week and wrote the week’s reviews over the weekend so that I didn’t have to spend so much time during the week prepping blog posts. I am going to try to continue doing that since it made the week much less stressful for me. I added a lot of books to my review pile again this week. To be fair, publishers surprised me with three of the books but I am going to need to slow down with the requests for a bit.

How was your week?

What I’m Reading

I finished 6 books again this week. I thought Best Served Hot by Amanda Elliot was a fantastic foodie romance. Dog Days Forever by Shannon Richard was filled with wonderful characters and a nice assortment of dogs which made me very happy. I can finally say that I have read The Shining by Stephen King and I liked it, although not as much as some of his other books. It took a bit to really get hooked by I’ll Take Everything You Have by James Klise but once I did, I didn’t want to put it down. I thought the middle-grade novel, How to Get Away with Myrtle by Elizabeth C. Bunce, was a fantastic and rather complex mystery. I loved The Soulmate by Sally Hepworth and found all of the story’s twists and turns exciting.

I am loving Conquer the Kingdom by Jennifer Estep so far and cannot wait to see which direction the story takes us. I have just started listening to She Wouldn’t Change a Thing by Sarah Adlakha and think that the book is off to a strong start.

Books Added

I’ll Take Everything You Have by James Klise (Publisher); Camp Quiltbag by Nicole Melleby & A.J. Sass (Publisher); This Delicious Death by Kayla Cottingham (Publisher)

Someone is Always Watching by Kelley Armstrong (Publisher); With Love, From Cold World by Alicia Thompson (Publisher); Planes, Trains, and All the Feels by Livy Hart (Publisher – Unsolicited)

Misfit by Elle Kennedy (Publisher – Unsolicited); Rogue by Elle Kennedy (Publisher – Unsolicited)

Favorite Instagram Post of the Week

What books do you add to your shelves this week? 

10 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up #351

  1. Good books seem to keep finding you because those are all positive thoughts about your reads. I hope She Wouldn’t Change a Thing continues to delight you. I adored that book (I might have to go cry a bit now just thinking about it). I write all my blog posts on the weekend. I have no time during the week being gone 12 hours a day. I also find it less stressful.

  2. Glad to hear it was a mostly quiet week! Don’t know whether to say it’s a good thing or bad thing the xray didn’t show anything about your shoulder. I guess it’s good that it’s not super serious! Hopefully the anti inflammatory will help! I find I write up most of my blog posts for the week on Friday nights. Reviews are something I write up as soon as I finish the book, I have to do it that way or details will get lost once I start reading the next one. But it’s a good system for me as well! Somewhere down the line I ended up getting a bit ahead with my other weekly posts, so I think I’m like a month ahead…unless it’s something that’s more needing to wait, like my Tuesday posts! Those are always in my Friday mix for the next Tuesday ahead!

    Ooh nice new reads! I’ve been trying to dial back what I request as well! There are so many books that are just there for the taking, but then I remind myself of my TBR pile and how well I was doing the past two months! Lol. So yeah…my review pile isn’t that high but with my reading pace these days, it’s a bit overwhelming for me. Especially since I’m highly considering taking 2 more off Edelweiss! Lol. Haven’t done it yet though…but we’ll see what happens!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  3. Love seeing Elle Kennedy on your list there, I have been wanting to read her more lately. Love seeing puzzle time! I have been intrigued by that Jennifer Estep series, how is the romance level?

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and great reading week!

  4. That sounds like a nice Presiden’t Day! Always nice to get out early. 🙂

    That Kelley Armstrong sounds pretty good too!

  5. I hope your shoulder starts feeling better. My husband has issues with his elbow and anti-inflammatories made a big difference though he did have to stick with it for a bit. Now every once in awhile he’ll have a flare up but he can normally get it under control in a few days. Your President’s Day afternoon sounds lovely and the perfect way to spend a quiet afternoon. Have a great week!

  6. Yay for getting to go home early on Monday and have some quiet puzzle time with your daughter! I’m looking forward to The Soulmate after hearing how much you liked it! It’s always tough to resist ARC offers even when you’re trying to cut back, right? I’m curious about that Kelley Armstrong even if it is YA. I may request or wait for it come out to my library. We’ll see. I try and write my review soon after I finish a book but that doesn’t always happen. Getting them done on the weekend is a good idea. I have one to write right now. :/