Review – Float Plan, The Suite Spot, & Off the Map

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Review – Float Plan, The Suite Spot, & Off the MapFloat Plan by Trish Doller
Narrator: Sarah Naughton
Published by Macmillan Audio on March 2, 2021
Genres: Fiction / Romance / Contemporary
Length: 7 hours 18 minutes
Pages: 272
Format: Audiobook
Source: Library
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Heartbroken by the loss of her fiancé, adventurous Anna finds a second chance at love with an Irish sailor in this riveting, emotional romance.

After a reminder goes off for the Caribbean sailing trip Anna was supposed to take with her fiancé, she impulsively goes to sea in the sailboat he left her, intending to complete the voyage alone.

But after a treacherous night’s sail, she realizes she can’t do it by herself and hires Keane, a professional sailor, to help. Much like Anna, Keane is struggling with a very different future than the one he had planned. As romance rises with the tide, they discover that it’s never too late to chart a new course.

In Trish Doller’s unforgettable Float Plan, starting over doesn't mean letting go of your past, it means making room for your future.

"I devoured Float Plan in a day. It’s truly a joy to get lost in such great writing—the island-hopping setting transports you from the hum-drum everyday, the dialogue is sharp and spot-on, the characters feel flawed and authentic and hopeful. It’s the kind of story that takes you away and brings you back grateful for the journey.” - Katherine Center, New York Times bestselling author of How to Walk Away and Things You Save in a Fire

I had such a good time with this romance! Anna is still grieving the loss of her fiance when she decides to take their boat on the trip that they had planned. It doesn’t take long until she realizes that she needs a bit of help and hires Keane to sail with her. Keane was exactly what she needed. He was incredibly patient with Anna and willing to do whatever it is that she needs as she works through her grief.

I just loved these two together and thought that the chemistry that they shared was amazing. I thought that Anna showed a lot of growth over the course of the story and I loved that she was willing to go after what she decided she wanted. All of the secondary characters were well done and added a lot to the story.

I listen to the audiobook and thought that Sarah Naughton did a fantastic job with this story. I really liked the voices that she used for both the male and female characters. I must say that the accent she used for Keane was absolutely perfect. I am certain that her performance added a lot to my overall enjoyment of the story.

I would definitely recommend this book to fans of contemporary romance. I thought that this was a very well-done story filled with great characters. I thought that Anna’s grief was handled incredibly well and I couldn’t wait to see Anna and Keane find their happily ever after together.

Review – Float Plan, The Suite Spot, & Off the MapThe Suite Spot by Trish Doller
Narrator: Sarah Naughton
Published by Macmillan Audio on March 8, 2022
Genres: Fiction / Romance / Contemporary
Length: 7 hours 42 minutes
Pages: 288
Format: Audiobook
Source: Library
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Trish Doller’s The Suite Spot is a charming romance novel about taking a chance on a new life and a new love.

Rachel Beck has hit a brick wall. She’s a single mom, still living at home and trying to keep a dying relationship alive. Aside from her daughter, the one bright light in Rachel’s life is her job as the night reservations manager at a luxury hotel in Miami Beach—until the night she is fired for something she didn’t do.

On impulse, Rachel inquires about a management position at a brewery hotel on an island in Lake Erie called Kelleys Island. When she’s offered the job, Rachel packs up her daughter and makes the cross country move.

What she finds on Kelleys Island is Mason, a handsome, moody man who knows everything about brewing beer and nothing about running a hotel. Especially one that’s barely more than foundation and studs. It’s not the job Rachel was looking for, but Mason offers her a chance to help build a hotel—and rebuild her own life—from the ground up.

I really enjoyed this story! Rachel is a single mother living with her mother in Florida. After losing her job, she decides to take a chance on a new position at a new hotel in Ohio so she packs up her daughter and makes the trip. It turns out the hotel isn’t even built yet so she gets to be a part of the process of designing and planning for future guests. Her new boss, Mason, is more of a mystery.

I loved Mason and Rachel together. Mason has been through a lot and I liked the fact that he is trying to move forward with his life. I thought that Mason and Rachel had fantastic chemistry together and I really liked the way that Mason was with Rachel’s daughter. The residents of the small town where the hotel is located were all wonderful and I loved the way they embraced Rachel and Maisey.

Sarah Naughton did a fabulous job with this story. I really felt the emotion of the characters and I thought that the voices that she used really helped to bring the story to life. Once I started listening to this story, I did not want to stop. I know that her performance added to my enjoyment of this story.

I would not hesitate to recommend this book to fans of contemporary romance. I thought that this romance felt very realistic and I quickly fell in love with both Rachel and Mason and wanted to see them have a future together.

I received this book for free from the publisher. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review – Float Plan, The Suite Spot, & Off the MapOff the Map by Trish Doller
Narrator: Sarah Naughton
Published by Macmillan Audio, St. Martin's Griffin on March 7, 2023
Genres: Fiction / Romance / Contemporary
Length: 6 hours 37 minutes
Pages: 272
Format: ARC, Audiobook
Source: Publisher
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Trish Doller's idyllic romance Off the Map proves sometimes a wrong turn can lead to the exact right destination.

On the road to love, you don't need a GPS...

Carla Black’s life motto is “here for a good time, not for a long time.” She’s been traveling the world on her own in her vintage Jeep Wrangler for nearly a decade, stopping only long enough to replenish her adventure fund. She doesn’t do love and she doesn’t ever go home.

Eamon Sullivan is a modern-day cartographer who creates digital maps. His work helps people find their way, but he’s the one who’s lost his sense of direction. He’s unhappy at work, recently dumped, and his one big dream is stalled out—literally.

Fate throws them together when Carla arrives in Dublin for her best friend’s wedding and Eamon is tasked with picking her up from the airport. But what should be a simple drive across Ireland quickly becomes complicated with chemistry-filled detours, unexpected feelings, and a chance at love - if only they choose it.

This was a great romance! Carla goes to Dublin to serve as Maid of Honor at her best friend’s wedding and the groom’s brother, Eamon, who is the Best Man is tasked with picking her up. These two have instant chemistry and their trip across Ireland becomes an adventure that neither of them will forget.

Carla and Eamon were perfect together. Carla is an adventurer and Eamon is more of a planner but he really wants to experience life more like Carla does. Carla is dealing with some things in her personal life and I was happy that she finally took some much-needed steps before the book drew to a close. I really just felt like Carla and Eamon complimented each other perfectly and couldn’t wait to see them figure things out.

Sarah Naughton did an amazing job with the narration. I thought that she was able to add a lot of emotion into her reading which really helped to bring the story to life. I thought that both her male and female voices felt natural and I absolutely loved the accents she used for some of the characters. I think that her excellent narration helped to bring this story to the next level.

I will definitely be recommending this book to others. I thought that this book was very well done and I loved the adventurous spirit of the characters. I hope to read much more of this talented author’s work in the future.

I received a digital review copy of this book from St. Martin’s Press and Macmillan Audio.

15 responses to “Review – Float Plan, The Suite Spot, & Off the Map

  1. Ah Carole these sound delightful and just what I need after a couple of twisty turny thrillers. Thanks for sharing your fantastic reviews!

  2. How fun to see these all reviewed together. I feel like I read a YA by Doller years ago and it’s interesting to see her make the jump to adult/contemporary romance. So glad you enjoyed these!

  3. I loved both Float Plan and The Suite Spot! And I can’t wait to read Off the Map. Trish Doller has fast become one of my favorite authors. 😀

  4. I loved the first two and I’m picking up Off the Map next. My favorite was Float Plan. I liked that there was a little suspense with the storms and situation on the boat. Glad you enjoyed all of them!

  5. I liked all these books a bit more than you, but I am a fan of Doller’s. All three books had great heroes, but there was something about Mason that made him my favorite. Maybe it was all he had suffered, or maybe it was how precious he was with Maisey.

  6. All 3 of these look great and I love how they’re all outdoorsy in some way. Float Plan definitely needs to go on my summer TBR. It looks like it’d be a perfect summer read.