Weekly Wrap Up #298

Posted February 13, 2022 by Carole in Stacking the Shelves / 17 Comments

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I am really excited to participate in The Sunday Post hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer and Stacking the Shelves hosted by Reading Reality.

My Life

This was a rough week for me. Thursday night I found myself in sudden pain and realized that I was passing a kidney stone. I had a large stone blasted about 10 years ago but the pieces just decided to hang out in my kidney instead of passing so this happens every once in a while. This was the worst kidney stone that I have ever had. I spent about 5 hours in my bed alternating between crying (I am not a crier), vomiting, and shivering. I came very close to asking my husband to take me to the hospital but didn’t want to move enough for that to actually happen. In the middle of the night, the stone moved to a less painful position and I was actually able to get a few hours of sleep. I still wasn’t feeling great on Friday so I took a sick day and just laid low. On Saturday, I was feeling very sluggish and realized that this is probably due to the fact that I missed my thyroid medications Thursday night.

Today, I am looking forward to watching the Super Bowl with my husband. The teams that I was hoping would play didn’t make it but I have no problem cheering the Bengals on!

How was your week?

What I’m Reading

I finished 5 books this week. Dead Silence by S.A. Barnes was a fantastic science fiction horror novel that I had a hard time putting down. I didn’t like Perfect Gravity by Vivien Jackson quite as much as the first book in the series but it was still an enjoyable listen. I had pretty mixed feelings about Slingshot by Mercedes Helnwein since there were things that I liked about the book but also things that I really didn’t like at all. The Mistake by Elle Kennedy was a fantastic read that I looked forward to picking up every day. Bone Deep by Charles Bosoworth, Jr & Joel J. Schwartz was a true crime book about a strange case that occurred near my home and I found it to be an interesting read.

I have just started listening to White Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison but I am excited to see what Rachel is up to in this installment in The Hollows series. I decided to go ahead and dive into The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood and so far so good. I have also just started Breath of Scandal by Sandra Brown which I have had on my NetGalley shelf for years. I love Sandra Brown’s writing so I have high hopes for this one.

Books Added

Our Last Days in Barcelona by Chanel Cleeton (NetGalley); Renovated to Death by Frank Anthony Polito (NetGalley)

Don’t Cry for Me by Daniel Black; The Maid by Nita Prose; I Must Betray You by Ruta Sepetys

Favorite Instagram Post of the Week

What books do you add to your shelves this week? 

17 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up #298

  1. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about the kidney stones, Carole! My husband has dealt with those before so I’ve seen firsthand how painful they can be. I hope you’re feeling much better now and are having a restful weekend.

  2. Carole, you poor dear! I never had kidney stones, but I have heard the horror stories. Sorry you’re living it. ((HUGS)) You are making me remember how much I loved the Off-Campus series. The nice part is that Kennedy put out that catch up book (late last year?), so you can see how it all worked out after too.

  3. Oh no! So sorry to hear of your kidney stone this week! That’s gotta hurt! Out of all my medical issues I’ve never had something like that happen. Going to keep my fingers crossed that it never does. Glad you’re on the mend though! I feel like the great majority of our state will be rooting for the Bengals! Lol! I’m in it for the commercials and hoping I don’t have to wait long for the Clydesdales one!

    Nice new reads too! Those are all new to me ones but I hope you enjoy each and every one of them.

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  4. Oh, so sorry about that painful kidney stone! I’ve never had one, but I can imagine it. So glad you’re feeling better.

    And you still read five books! Good for you. I loved The Maid…and I enjoy Sandra Brown, but it’s been a while since I read her. Time to grab one! Here are my WEEKLY UPDATES

  5. Oh I am so sorry you had to go through that with kidney stones. I hope you are better now. I wish I could nap during the Super bowl to stay up late for the Olympics. You got some great reads on tap. I also enjoy Sandra Brown and wish I had time to read more of her backlist too.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  6. wow…so many great looking books. i had a kidney stone that got stuck and they had to go in after it. i do remember the excruciating pain, so bad i was vomiting too. glad to hear you are feeling better
    sherry @ fundinmental

  7. Ugh. I’m so sorry about the kidney stone. My husband used to get them quite a bit and he has the highest pain tolerance of anyone I know and he was laid flat by them. I’m glad yours got to a more comfortable position and you were able to get some sleep. Hopefully you are feeling much better now. Have a wonderful (and kidney stone free) week!

  8. I am really curious to see what you think of The Love Hypothesis and hope it ends up being a solid read for you.

    i am sorry to hear that you have been in such pain due to a kidney stone, hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Happy Valentine’s Week!

  9. My Better Half ha an 11 mm one that had to be zapped in 2017. His dr. has him on potassium citrate (a huge pill) twice a day to keep it from coming back.

  10. My dad had trouble with kidney stones so I can only cringe in sympathy for you. Glad your reading and listening week was fab and you have fun plans for tonight.
    I got Our Last Days in Barcelona, too.

    Have a good week, Carole!

  11. I hear kidney stone pain is the worst. I am so sorry, Carole. I hope you are feeling better today and were able to enjoy the game. I really enjoyed White Witch, Black Curse and hope you will too. I haven’t moved onto the next book in the series yet but hope to soon. Our Last Days in Barcelona sounds really good and I am eager to read Renovated to Death. I hope you enjoy them! I really enjoyed The Maid. Have a great week, Carole!

  12. I’m sorry to hear about your painful kidney stone! I’ve heard it’s really bad so I can understand why you couldn’t move! Glad to hear it eased up.

    I read Breath of Scandal a while back and it was harrowing at the beginning, but I ended up loving it. Hope you enjoy it and The Love Hypothesis! Looking forward to your thoughts.

  13. Oh gosh, that kidney stone sounds awful. I hope that you are feeling a lot better. The Bengals are my team, so I’m bummed they didn’t win but just being there is amazing!

  14. Thanks for downloading my book, RENOVATED TO DEATH, from NetGalley! I look forward to your thoughts after reading. And that kidney stone…ugh. My partner passed one a couple years ago. He was down on the floor crying like a baby, it hurt him so badly. Hope you’re feeling better 🙂