Weekly Wrap Up #335

Posted November 6, 2022 by Carole in Stacking the Shelves / 17 Comments

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I am really excited to participate in The Sunday Post hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer and Stacking the Shelves hosted by Reading Reality.

My Life

This was another normal week. I like normal weeks so that is a good thing. We went to work, walked the dogs, and did a few things around the house. My husband handled Halloween duty. Our dogs are basically horrible when people come to the house so I stayed inside with them while my hubby sat outside to hand out candy. We have a lot of leftover candy so it appears that even though we have been in the same subdivision our current home gets a lot less Halloween traffic than our previous house.

I have been enjoying working on puzzles so I decided to start another one this week. I decided to go with a 2000-piece puzzle this time and my husband didn’t want to help. I basically ended up spending all of my free time working on this puzzle this week until I finally finished it Friday night. I tend to be a bit obsessive when I start a project like this and have a very hard time pacing myself. I am sorry for disappearing for most of the week. I think that I will pick a much smaller puzzle for next week.

How was your week?

What I’m Reading

I finished 6 books this week. It was another week of audiobooks. I finished listening to Five Survive by Holly Jackson and thought it was well done. I then moved on to All the Blood We Share by Camilla Bruce which turned out to be the perfect Halloween listen. Sugaring Off by Gillian French was next up and I really enjoyed Owl’s story. I spent a little bit of time with my Kindle and finished A Sliver of Darkness by C.J. Tudor and thought it was a very solid collection of stories. Midnight Frost by Jennifer Estep was a great addition to the Mythos Academy series. I ended the week with Raven Unveiled by Grace Draven and loved the magic of the story.

I have read about a third of Miles and Miles of You by Jennifer Bonds and am finding it to be a very enjoyable romance.

Books Added

Miles and Miles of You by Jennifer Bonds (Publisher)

Favorite Instagram Post of the Week

What books do you add to your shelves this week? 

17 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up #335

  1. It seems like parents/kids go for other options instead of traditional trick or treating these days. I am amazed that you knocked out that 2000 piece puzzle on your own. Impressive. I get frustrated and quit. lol Hope you have a good week, Carole!

  2. Wow! A 2,000 piece puzzle! That’s insane! We barely have room for 1,000 piece ones. I think we tried one of those rollup mats but it didn’t work as nicely as we thought! So we’ll need something else should we ever do one of that caliber! Lol!

    Nice new read! That’s a new to me one but I hope you enjoy it once you get to read it!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower πŸ™‚

    • I think that this puzzle was 30″ x 40″. We have stools at our countertop bar where we eat so the table can be used for other things. Puzzles seem to be a better use of the space than letting my husband pile it up with junk.

  3. Nice job with that Sugaring Off picture. Love the tree cover tie in. That is quite a busy puzzle. Looks like challenging one. Was the Holly Jackson book really dark? I had loved GGG to Murder, but it turned so dark after the first book. Curious about the tone of this one.

    • I have only read the first Girl’s Guide book but Five Survive is definitely darker than that one. I would say that the tone of the book was rather dark.

  4. Puzzles are always so much fun, I just love the challenge that they present right? I am glad that you enjoyed the Grace Draven especially, I plan on grabbing the audiobook when it gets released. She does write great fantasy romance so its a great way to finish the week off I am sure.

  5. yay for normal. We started a 1000 piece puzzle something like 4 months ago, worked on it one night and have done nothing since. You are obviously much better at it than us. I want to read Five Survive but want to read the other books in the series first. I also enjoyed Raven Unveiled.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  6. Halloween was busy here! And the guy down the street actually put out a pavilion i his driveway with lights… quite the production. πŸ™‚ Love the puzzle. It almost reminds me of a Redlin picture.

    Five Alive looks fun. and ooh Gillian French. I read a couple of hers but must have lost track of her latest- hadn’t seen that book.

  7. We don’t get trick or treaters on our street b/c of the various trunk or treats in town so I just do mini treat bags for the next door neighbor kids. Way to go on the 2000 piece puzzle. I get obsessed once I start a new puzzle, too. Impressive stack of books read/listened to last week.

    Have a good week, Carole!

  8. Ann

    I don’t think any track or treaters go down my street during Halloween. I don’t engages with the holiday so know to stay away from my house. I someone does come to my door then I do have a bag of candy.

    Have a great week.

  9. I just read All the Blood We Share. We only ended up with a handful of candy left over. Our street traffic has declined as most kids on our street are now adults. The Royals and Princess Hazel came to trick or treat in our neighborhood and loved the haul they got..lol

  10. I do not have the attention span for a 2000 piece puzzle! I am very impressed! Too bad about lack of trick or treaters. I think everyone had less than usual this year for some reason. I hope you’ve had a good week!