October 2022 Wrap Up

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October 2022

October was a much quieter month which is exactly what we needed after the whirlwind that was September.  We spent a lot of time at home, worked on a couple of puzzles, and spoiled the dogs.  I got a lot of reading time in during the month which makes me feel like I am at least making a dent in my staggering pile of books to review.  

I was a little wishy-washy when it came to Instagram during the month.  I skipped posting at all on a lot of days and when I did, I was going through the motions more than anything and not really enjoying.  I ended the month by deciding to leave several of the engagement groups that I have been a part of to take some pressure off.  I currently have 3,526 followers on the platform.  

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Books Read

Reading Stats
Books Read: 20
Audiobooks: 14
Digital Books: 5
Print Books: 1
Re-Reads: 0

Book Source for Books Read in October
NetGalley: 13
Edelweiss: 0
Direct from Publisher/Author/Narrator/Publicist: 7
Purchased/Freebie: 5
Kindle Unlimited/Audible Plus: 0
Borrowed/Library:  3
*Some books may fit into more than one category

Goodreads: 159/100

End of the Month NetGalley Stats
Feedback Ratio: 94% 
 735 Approved | 691 Feedback Sent

End of the Month Edelweiss Stats
0 books to review | 99 downloaded

Favorite of the Month

Up Next

How was your month? Do you have any reading or blogging goals for November?

13 responses to “October 2022 Wrap Up

  1. A nice, relaxing month sounds good. I didn’t get to do as many Fall/Halloween things as I’d wanted but that’s okay. I did get a lot of reading in, and I’m still on my spooky reading kick into November. LOL


  2. Oh I agree, the engagement groups on instagram can be stressful. I just take 30 minutes every sunday to interact with others, although I have discovered some good friends through them, but it can be stressful! I haven’t been too active on instagram until this year, so I am not as high as you, but maybe one day. I care more about cultivating relationships in my small circle, as it tends to be more fulfilling for me.

    I love seeing American Demon as your favorite read of the month though! I know thats been a favorite for many bloggers this month.

  3. Yup, the engagement groups are stressful. I too have dropped a few. You had great reading month. I was able to read 18 books this month which was due to ne being off from work for two weeks.

  4. I admire people who can keep up with blogging and IG. It’s a lot of work. I didn’t even take good pictures and they took me a long time.

  5. Wow, 20 books?! That’s awesome. I wished I had a quiet October, but it was hectic. I’m hoping for a quiet November but our kitchen remodel is about to start. I think it’ll go smoothly. I’m crossing my fingers at any rate, lol. I think I’ll read more this month because I don’t have any definite trips planned. Thank goodness. I just want to stay home. I’m not in any groups on Instagram, but I have participated in a few Follow Trains lately. You’ve got a lot of followers! I don’t post all the time either. I just don’t have the time to keep up.

  6. Yay for a calm October to get rested and caught up again. Wow, on the reading pile. It does feel good to get a big chunk finished out of the review stack. I’m hoping to break some puzzles out in a few weeks (once leaf raking season is over).

    Looks like some good ones in your November reading stack. Have a great one, Carole!

  7. I’m glad you were able to enjoy a bit of a break this month. Last weekend began the first of 5 weddings to end the year for me, so I’m just gearing up for lots of travel and activity. I find that my inspiration to post on Instagram comes and goes, but I recently started playing a bit with reels. To my surprise, I find them quite enjoyable. I’ve toyed with the idea of engagement groups myself, but I’m weary of it becoming more of a chore than something fun to do. Hope November is great for you!

  8. Sounds like life was returning to normal in October. I really enjoyed A Little Too Late and the rest of the trilogy. Before I let Go was amazing, probably one of my favorites of the year. Hope you will love it, too!

  9. Great job and so glad this was a bit of a calmer month for you! It’s definitely deserved. I’m trying to get a few last minute goals finished this month. Can’t believe this year is almost over!