January 2024 Wrap-Up

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January 2024

January was a much quieter month.  I went back down to 3 shifts per week at my part-time job which is much more manageable.  I had one bonus day at home when the area was covered in ice.  I was supposed to work from home that day but didn’t actually have any work at home to do so I kept an eye on my work email, read a book, and made a cake.  We celebrated both my oldest daughter’s birthday (29!) and my husband’s birthday (much older than 29) during the first week of the year.  We watched a lot of football and are excited about the Superbowl in just a couple of weeks – Go Chiefs!  Some weeks, I felt like I was pretty good at keeping up with things, and other weeks, I felt like I was just treading water.  

I am still doing my best with Instagram.  I had a scary moment when I was afraid that I was going to lose my account.  When I opened the app, I had a message that my account had been suspended.  I had to go through a bunch of steps but was able to get things reinstated pretty quickly.   I am ending the month with 6,493 followers (I post this start only to track my growth).

Books Read

Reading Stats
Books Read: 19
Audiobooks: 16
Digital Books: 2
Print Books: 1
Combination Print or Digital & Audio: 0
Re-Reads: 2
DNF: 0

Book Source for Books Read in January
Publisher/Author: 16
Purchased/Freebie: 3
Kindle Unlimited/Audible Plus: 0
Borrowed/Library:  1
*Some books may fit into more than one category

Goodreads: 19/100

End of the Month NetGalley Stats
Feedback Ratio: 98% 
 894 Approved | 872 Feedback Sent

End of the Month Edelweiss Stats
76 books to review | 206 downloaded

Favorites of the Month

Up Next

How was your month? Do you have any reading or blogging goals for February?

9 responses to “January 2024 Wrap-Up

  1. Glad to hear you have a more manageable schedule this month. I don’t know what is up with Instagram lately! Seems like you’re either suspended or banned from liking or commenting. I was banned from liking for a few days and I’m not even on there that much! My request is still pending for Winter Lost. Crossing my fingers! I have the hardcover preordered, though, and I’m sure I’ll buy the audio too. I’m looking forward to The Boy Who Cried Bear! I’ll be reading/listening to it this next week. Hope we both love it, Carole!

  2. How rude that they suspended your account. Glad you got it all worked out. It’s my daughter’s 29th birthday, too. I have not spent any birthdays with her since she turned 18. It’s sad for me. I loved Ballard and Hahn’s books. I hope they are hits for you too.

  3. Great job with your reading! I’m glad work has calmed down a bit. I can’t even imagine how crazy the holiday season was. I hope you have a wonderful February!

  4. Sounds like you had an eventful month and a great reading month. I need to get back to the Mercy Thompson series. I may end up having to reread the earlier books to refresh my memory. Your upcoming reads all look promising. I hope you love them! Have a great February!

  5. Sounds like a decent month all told. Wow, great reading numbers and nice you have a high percentage at your NetGalley still. I can’t wait to read the new Patricia Briggs.

  6. Happy birthday to your husband and daughter! I’m glad you got your Instagram back. My Pinterest account has been suspended a few times, but they always give it back quickly. It’s still stressful, though!