October 2018 Monthly Wrap-Up

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October 2018

It is hard to believe that November is here.  The trees have all changed colors and leaves have started to fall.  Freezing temperatures are predicted before the week is over and I am not sure how we got here so quickly.  October flew by for me.  We were very busy during the month with marching band competitions, homecoming dances, football games, and band concerts.

I feel like my reading was down for the month but my totals seem pretty close to normal.  I did the majority of my reading through audiobooks since I just didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to sitting down with a book in my hand.  This might explain why I was crabby at times during the month because I need my quiet reading time.  Thank goodness I can listen to audiobooks while I am working!

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Reviews Posted 
(not necessarily read in October)

Reading Stats
Books Read: 15 total
Audiobooks: 9
Digital Books: 3
Print Books: 3
Re-Reads: 1

Book Source for Books Read in October
NetGalley: 2
Edelweiss: 1
Kindle Unlimited: 5
Direct from Publisher/Author/Publicist: 3
 Won: 1
Library: 1
Purchased/Freebie: 4
*Several books fall into more than 1 category this month.

Goodreads: 155/100
Blogger Shame: 1 read towards the challenge in October / 17 total for the year

End of the Month NetGalley Stats
Feedback Ratio: 81%
516 Approved | 416 Feedback Sent

End of the Month Edelweiss Stats
12 books to review (11 unread)  | 79 downloaded

Favorite of the Month

Up Next

How was your month? Do you have any reading or blogging goals for November?

26 responses to “October 2018 Monthly Wrap-Up

  1. I can understand your need for a certain amount of quiet time. I'm just the same!
    I saw The Three Beths offered, but have too big a backlog to pick it up. Will await your review 🙂

  2. One of the things I like about my job is being able to listen to audiobooks, and the fact that I don't really have to interact with people much. >_< You are so good with your EW books. I always let them slide more than NG books, because I am not faced directly with that ratio. I am trying to be more conscientious about it though. I can't wait to hear what you think about Fireworks. I love that series.

  3. Sounds like a great reading month to me. I really don't do well with audio books so I'm always envious when I hear how much they work for some people.

  4. Your reading was way ahead of mine that's for sure! October was a bad month for reading. My goal for November is just to read and get a few Scifi paperback books off the shelf but without any pressure on myself!

  5. Yes I get crabby when I don't have any time to myself. I tend to stay up into the night to read even if it makes me tired the next day. It's worth it. You are so lucky to have a job where you can listen to audiobooks. I listen on the go, waiting at Medical appointments, or doing chores or crafting.

    I just read Mortal Word and really loved it – hope you enjoy! Anne – Books of My Heart

  6. I get edgy too when I don't get any reading time. Audio books are wonderful but they don't quite cut it all the time. I really want to read The Little Shop of Found Things. The cover is gorgeous! Hope November has a little bit more down time for you.

  7. I am right there with you on needing quiet reading time or my Mr. Hyde side comes out. It is beautiful with the color right now, but I do have leaf raking in my future for the next two days because we got a storm or two right after the color changed.

    You did read a nice stack and looks like you got to a good variety of sources including your own stack. Way to go getting to another Blogger Shame. Your favorite book is one I'm dangling as a carrot to myself for getting through a stack of pressing review and library reads. 🙂

    Have a great November, Carole!

  8. Aren't audiobooks amazing! I have to admit that they never worked for me but this month they have started to and I am so thankful for them! Time is really flying by. I hope you have a wonderful November x