November 2021 Wrap Up

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November 2021

Another month has somehow flown by!  They say that time moves faster as you get older and I do think that it feels that way.  Most of the month was pretty calm.  I got a new roof, read a lot of books, and walked the dogs an excessive amount.

I took the week of Thanksgiving off of work and had big plans.  I was going to read a lot of books, catch up on reviews, and get some relaxation in.  I read 1 book, didn’t relax much, and only wrote a couple of reviews.  Oh well, who follows plans anyway.  I did enjoy my time off and got to see both of my girls.  

I am a little disappointed that I didn’t get more reading done during the month.  I was really doing well with getting through some older NetGalley books and hate that I lost that momentum.  I have a feeling that my reading will be hit or miss during the upcoming month with all of the obligations surrounding the holidays.  I am still enjoying Instagram but take days off when I need to.  I am ending the month with 2,055 followers.   

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Books Read

Reading Stats
Books Read: 13
Audiobooks: 6
Digital Books: 5
Print Books: 0
Combo Audio & Digital: 2
Re-Reads: 1

Book Source for Books Read in November
NetGalley: 9
Edelweiss: 0
Direct from Publisher/Author/Narrator/Publicist: 2
Purchased/Freebie: 4
Kindle Unlimited/Audible Plus: 0
Borrowed/Library:  4
*Some books may fit into more than one category

Goodreads: 136/100

End of the Month NetGalley Stats
Feedback Ratio: 90% 
 665 Approved | 598 Feedback Sent

End of the Month Edelweiss Stats
2 books to review | 99 downloaded

Favorite of the Month

Up Next

How was your month? Do you have any reading or blogging goals for December?

9 responses to “November 2021 Wrap Up

  1. Good for you working on your netgalley reads, I did that earlier this year and its so nice to look at my percentage now haha During the holidays I think all of our reading goes down.

    Hope you are able to have a fun December and get some solid satisfying reads in despite the busy season.

  2. I didn’t do as much book stuff with my kid home either. We have to enjoy them when we can, right? I just finished the second Introvert book. The series is so fun.

  3. My reading wasn’t the best in November. I’m hoping to get more in this month, but it will be a busy month with other things, so we’ll see! I’m hoping to cross off some more Netgalley books though!


  4. Any progress on overdue NetGalley books is still progress! And spending time with your daughters is always wonderful. NetGalley can wait until January! I’m never as productive or relaxed on vacations as I think I’m going to be either. Happy December!