Weekly Wrap Up #356

Posted April 2, 2023 by Carole in Stacking the Shelves / 13 Comments

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I am really excited to participate in The Sunday Post hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer and Stacking the Shelves hosted by Reading Reality.

My Life

This was a very quiet week. I took the week off from work to take care of my dog. Yes, I am attached to my dog. I didn’t want her to have to wait long stretches of time without painkillers after her surgery. My husband is taking this coming week off to be on dog duty. She will get her staples out later in the week and is starting to feel better so trying to keep her calm can be a bit of a challenge. It is really kind of amazing how well she is walking on her leg after rather major surgery.

I spent most of my week sitting by my dog while reading or listening to a book. I haven’t left the house in a week except when I take the other two dogs on their daily walks.

How was your week?

What I’m Reading

I finished 8 books this week. I finished Camp QUILTBAG by Nicole Melleby and A.J. Sass and thought that it was a very well-done and important middle-grade novel. I enjoyed Girl Forgotten by April Henry quite a bit. Someone Is Always Watching by Kelley Armstrong kept me guessing until the very end. I absolutely loved Misery by Stephen King and can’t believe that I waited so long to read this amazing book. I thought that This Delicious Death by Kayla Cottingham was really original and entertaining. I finally got around to reading A Brush with Love by Mazey Eddings and it was just as good as I had hoped it would be. I loved the characters in The Do-Over by Suzanne Park. I was thrilled to listen to the next Charley Davidson book on my tbr – Fifth Grave Past the Light by Darynda Jones.

I have just started reading A Love Catastrophe by Helena Hunting but I feel like it is off to a good start.

Books Added

Friends Don’t Fall in Love by Erin Hahn (Publisher); Stars and Smoke by Marie Lu (Publisher); The Stolen Throne by Abigail Owen (Publisher)

The Nanny by Lana Ferguson (Publisher); You Shouldn’t Have Come Here by Jeneva Rose (Publisher); The Fiancée Farce by Alexandria Helefleur (Publisher)

Favorite Instagram Post of the Week

What books do you add to your shelves this week? 

13 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up #356

  1. Glad you were able to stay home and look after your dog. Pretty cool that its already up and about after the surgery. Wowsers! Great job on the reading stack this week.

    Have a good week, Carole!

  2. Glad to hear your dog is doing well after the surgery. I feel like I remember our dog just wanting to get up and doing his normal stuff after he had a surgery. Keeping him settled was challenging, but if I recall it was in his younger years and we had them crate trained…so I want to say maybe we kept him on bed rest that way, but we could’ve left him to his own devices on the dog bed so he didn’t have to try to get comfy in his crate. The dogs pretty much treated their crates as their beds for the most part, I remember even when we decided to just let them sleep wherever, they still chose their crates for a little while, then moved onto the couch or dog bed–the actual dog bed-bed as the older dog thought the couch as his bed! Lol!

    Nice new reads! I found myself wanting to request Armstrong’s new YA book, but I am SOOOOO behind on her back titles I just couldn’t bring myself to do it! I did get The Stolen Throne which I was super excited for! Hope you enjoy all of your new reads!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  3. That’s great that you were able to take the week off. It’s been so many years since I read Misery but it was a good one. Have you seen the movie? I thought it was a really good adaptation.

  4. Glad to hear all is going well with the pup. You’re a good dog-mom. Sounds like you had a great reading week too.

  5. I had a sort of similar week to you, except I didn’t get to walk with other dogs. I need to do some walking this week I’m feeling stiff . Lulu is very well behaved and does what we tell her so hopefully after the month or so of strict rest she will be able to walk with us again. So great you have your reading and it’s going well!

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  6. I wouldn’t be leaving my cats side if they’d had surgery so I absolutely would do what you did for your dog and take time off to make sure they’re comfortable and ok! 🙂

    I’m excited to read The Nanny. I have high hopes for it.

  7. I love my cat so I completely understand taking time off to care for your animal. To me they’re like another member of the family. Glad to hear she’s on the mend! I need to request that Kelley Armstrong and I’m thinking about You Shouldn’t Have Come Here.

  8. Oh I’m so glad your dog’s surgery went well! It is amazing how fast they heal and definitely keeping a dog who isn’t hurting still and calm is a challenge! I hope you’re having a good week!