March 2016 -Monthly Wrap-Up

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March 2016
Where is this year going?  Time is really flying by this year.  I felt like March was a rather slow reading month for me until I sat down to do this post and realized that I had actually finished quite a few books. I am currently ahead on my Goodreads Reading Challenge with 43 books completed so far this year. I really read a wide variety of books during the month of March and really enjoyed most of them. 
Books Read 

Audiobooks Completed 
Reviews Posted
Blogger Thoughts
  • I really am a bit surprised that I have been able to post every day in 2016 so far. I haven’t always felt like sitting down to do my blog posts but once I get started I do enjoy it. I hope to keep going at least for a while longer.
  • I participated in 2 blog tours this month and I have to admit that it stressed me out a bit. Deadlines and me don’t get along.
  • I haven’t done as well at visiting blogs as I would like. I love going to visit and comment on other blogs but my schedule doesn’t always cooperate with me.
    Outside of the Blog
    • Life was somewhat overwhelming at times this month. I took some much needed time off before Easter which really helped me slow down a bit.
    • My daughter was on spring break during my time off from work and we really had a good time hanging out together.
    • I have started taking the dogs for a pretty long walk every day that the weather cooperates. I need the exercise and so do they. A tired dog is a good dog.
    • I have been enjoyed The Walking Dead every week this month and am a bit scared about the season finale next week. Daryl had better be okay is all I can say.
      Up Next

      How was your month? Do you have any reading or blogging goals for April?

      18 responses to “March 2016 -Monthly Wrap-Up

      1. I had to stop working with deadlines too-I was getting way too stressed! Congrats on being ahead in your Goodreads Challenge! And thank you again for all the visits you make to my blog…I always enjoy hearing from you!

      2. Looks like a great month! Posting everyday is kind of addictive. Once you get into the pattern it just seems impossible to stop. That's so fun that you had some time to hang out with your daughter. It's so hard to work that time in when they get older but so worth it. I can't wait for your review of In a Dark Dark Wood and The Obsession. I loved In a Dark Dark Wood and I always enjoy a Nora Roberts suspense though some more than others. Hope April is fantastic!

      3. Great month, Carole. I'm just a little ahead of my challenge, which is surprising considering I've had plenty of time on my hands. Anyway, good luck in April!

      4. Fun surprise that you read more than you thought and a variety at that. Yay that you got a mental health break and time with your daughter. And kudos for getting out and exercising. 🙂

        Have a good April!

      5. Good for you going on walks…exercise does so much good even if its a little bit every day. Great books you got read. I really can't wait for Jill Shalvis's book though.

        • I love walking the dogs. I used to take them by myself every morning before work and when I got home. Unfortunately, when we adopted our third puppy I found it was nearly impossibly to walk all 3 of them alone. I have been making someone come along with me.

        • Wink Poppy Midnight wasn't for me at all. I had the book pre-ordered to bring with me to an author signing but cancelled it after reading my review copy. Disappointing. I do think that most people will enjoy it though.